May 2021

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

In his Perimeter Public Lecture webcast on May 5, 2021, Harvard professor L. Mahadevan will take viewers on a journey into the mathematical, physical, and biological workings of morphogenesis to demonstrate how researchers are beginning to unlock secrets that have vexed scientists since Darwin.

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Related Publications

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Morphogenesis of termite mounds S. A. Ocko , A. Heyde, and L. Mahadevan, PNAS 116(9) 3379-3384; published ahead of print February 11, 2019. [View PDF] [Download PDF]
Morphogenesis one century after On Growth and Form  Thomas Lecuit and L. Mahadevan,  Development  144, 4197-4198, 2017. [View PDF] [Download PDF]
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