Over the past two and a half decades, I have had the good fortune to be able to teach a variety of courses at MIT, Cambridge, and Harvard that allowed me to learn new subjects.  During this time, I introduced a number of new courses to the curricula at these places, including the first course on Molecular and Cellular Biophysics at MIT (1997), at Cambridge (2001) and at Harvard (2004),  new Freshman Seminars on the Science of Everyday Life (2007), Sustainable Energy and Climate Change (2008) , Sensory Physiology (2009) and Pleasures of Probability (2011) at Harvard, and new courses on Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering at Harvard (2016), and Science, Technology and Society (2018).

I also teach a range of standard undergraduate and graduate courses in applied mathematics such as Multivariable Calculus, Complex and Fourier Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Physical Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Elasticity and Hydrodynamics.

In addition, I have been a summer and winter school lecturer at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (Berkeley, CA) where I was the director of their Summer Program in 1999,  at the Les Houches School (France) multiple times,  lecturer on Mathematics and Materials at the London Mathematical Society Summer School at Oxford, UK, Clay Mathematical Institute (Park City, Utah) where I was the Clay Senior Lecturer in 2014, Boulder school on condensed matter physics (Boulder, CO) multiple times,  Peyresq (Biomechanics and Mechanics), Cargese (Rheology, Fluid Flow), IUSTI-Marseilles (Granular mechanics),  Valparaiso School on Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Systems in 1998, 1998, Geilo Winter School in Norway (2011). I am a regular visitor at the Physiology Summer School at the Marine Biological Labs and the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program at Woods Hole since 2004.

I was the Founding Co-director (with T. Poggio) of one of the newest established Summer School at the Marine Biology Laboratory at Woods Hole – on Brains, Minds and Machines, Woods Hole, MA (started in 2013), and was the Founding Co-director (with A. Hermundstad, V. Jayaraman, E. Kanso,) of a new Summer School at the HHMI Janelia Research Campus at Ashburn, VA – on Mathematical Analysis of Behavior (started in 2018).